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Building customer loyalty with contact centre analytics

Utilising analytics to improve customer engagement and experience

Being CX focus is no longer enough. Customer expectations from businesses go beyond basic CX. With changes to technology and technology changing customer perspective, organisations need to rise to the challenge, get better at knowing their customers, understand their customer pain points and have a service strategy focused on proactive customer engagement.

The best customer experience is achieved when the customer does not need to contact the service provider. Organisations can eliminate or minimise customer contact by implementing contact centre analytics to identify issues before they happen and resolve them before they have been experienced.

Business analytics in contact centres focuses on algorithms built to predict issues before they happen, prescribe ideal CX and business solutions and provide descriptive data reporting to streamline decision making.

Using analytics, organisations can explore past business performance to gain insight and drive business planning, resulting in high customer experience performance at a lower cost.
“Easy access to information, intelligent insights and well-equipped solutions are the key drivers to great customer experience and if applied correctly can drive positive business outcomes."
Intelligent contact centres are incomplete without contact centre analytics

Organisations need to get intelligent in the way their service their customers. Leveraging analytics organisations can generate insights that can influence the customer service organisation and impact other areas within the business that play a role in delivering great customer value. Organisations focused on increasing customer loyalty, and brand advocacy cannot overlook the importance of analytics. Through analytics, companies can better understand their customers and identify ways to drive proactive and predictive customer strategies.
Ways in which organisations can build their next-generation contact centre using business analytics:

Get to the source

Most organisations struggle with customer experience as they don’t have ways to capture customer feedback and are challenged on providing the tools and intelligence needed to front line teams for prompt customer resolution.

Using analytics, customer can better understand customer behaviour, know the magnitude of the issue, study the impact of the issues on experience, provide real-time insights and facilitate seamless decision making, to drive prompt and accurate customer resolutions.

Pre-empt customer interactions through business analytics

Analytics can help companies define algorithms that can predict service issues before they are experienced. Predictive modelling can help companies better manage customer expectations, increase ROI through targeted offerings, improve risk management, reduce operating costs, and help business managers make actionable decisions.

Cross channel analytics

A well-managed business needs to define ways that are best to serve its customers. Businesses need to know the highest resolution channel for every customer interaction. It is equally important for information to flow seamlessly between channels to deliver a better experience without a significant increase in effort for the customer

Self-service analytics to make self-help a viable customer interaction alternative

Leveraging analytics, companies can re-energise their self-help roadmap. Having standalone technologies alone will not help achieve the desired outcome. Enabling backend business analytics to support the frontend technology can go a long way in designing workflows that can ensure 100% self-serve resolution.

Speech and Text analytics

Using speech and text analytics, organisations can empower the customer service teams to understand dissatisfaction drivers better as they happen and get immediate intervention from subject matter experts and supervisory staff to resolve these issues in real time.

Text analytics has become a major part of the strategy with the growing influence of social media. The rise of social media and its impact on the customers’ perception of the brand has resulted in much focus being received in this area. Using text analytics, companies can capture customer feedback from social media platforms and better understand customer sentiments towards the brand. It is also a great way to know patterns that can help business refine their strategy and realign process and policies to better customer engagement.

Power your frontline customer service teams

Customer service teams are the ones primarily responsible for service recovery. When everything fails to work, organisations look at customer service teams as a last resort to turnaround customer experience.

Leveraging business analytics, organisations can provide the resources needed to allow customer service teams to proactively identify pain points and be well prepared with solutions to manage customer requirements. Easy access to information, intelligent insights and well-equipped solutions are the key drivers to great customer experience and can drive positive business outcomes.

Analytics at play in contact centres

Most companies have started realising the importance of leveraging analytics in their operations. While few companies are just about beginning their journey, few have transformed how they service their customers using analytics.

One such example is Amazon. The organisation has been known for using analytics in their contact centres to understand customer behaviour better and recommend customised solutions to the frontline, enabling better FCR and increasing customer lifetime value through tailored product offerings.

Contact centres across the globe have been providing significant value to clients by setting up analytics labs focused on improving customer experience and business efficiency. Leveraging analytical offerings received from outsourcing suppliers, organisations have got better at identifying complaints drivers and have halved their customer complaints, deployed predictive models around debt management, billing to ensure better governance and management of these functions, developed strong social media management and lastly, used customer insights to drive CX improvement and better customer loyalty and advocacy.


Supercharge your contact centre with analytics to deliver great customer and business outcomes.

Modern technology and call centre analytics have transformed the way businesses can engage with their customers. Gone are the days where customer service was a reactive model of servicing and service experience was only the ownership of customer service teams

With the power of analytics, businesses can gather information and insights across the value chain and make CX an important metric for all customer-impacting functions within the organisation.

Start your analytics journey today to build intelligent contact centre operations and become the most sought after brand for your customers.

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