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Groworx supports companies & workers during COVID-19 by launching new remote call centre & operations service

Groworx Home is a virtual Customer Engagement Centre platform for governments and businesses that want to launch or expand their sales, support and operational capabilities without being impacted by the physical constraints imposed by the COVID-19 epidemic. As businesses cope with the sudden loss of physical contact and the need to adapt to digital only operations, Groworx believes that businesses and customers need the human touch more than ever. This is the philosophy underpinning Groworx Home: There will always be a need for people to connect with other people. This modern Customer Engagement Centre platform connects displaced workers from Australia and around the world with businesses who are struggling with the shift to a digital only economy. An out-of-the-box capability, the Groworx Home solution includes cloud-first technologies, processes and cultural connection so that workers can work from home while supporting government agencies and businesses with a range of customer support, sales and technology services. The usual innovation and operational excellence from the Groworx traditional Customer Engagement Centres have now been extended for this new remote-first delivery model.
To improve the speed of adoption for Home Members, Groworx provides a Groworx Home kit and a self-service agent-member platform. Groworx Home enables employees, such as customer service agents or technology analysts and developers or even back-office roles
like HR and Finance, to continue working during the COVID-19 pandemic. As companies struggle to make the transition from a digital first to a digital only economy, with Groworx Home, employees will have a complete suite of tools to help them fulfil their roles.
Job seekers will join a community of remote Groworx Home Members who stay connected and engaged through modern video-first and immersive collaboration technologies that are the core of what Groworx calls their Global Ways of Working (GWOW). GWOW promises not only the ability to work independently from home but also personal and professional development.
This timely solution provides employers with a modern operational platform to keep their business running while providing a safe and engaging environment for workers.
Groworx recognises that technology plays an essential role in scaling service and operations for companies but some businesses may lack the maturity or scalability to adapt rapidly to the current crisis.
“We knew in the beginning that building a remote, cloud-first business was needed for a modern economy but we never imagined that we could serve humanity on this scale and in a time like this.” Groworx CEO, Dan Sandiford said today. “We are actively working with companies large and small to find people to be on-boarded and trained as a Groworx Home Member so we can help those Departments and companies of any size continue to run their businesses.”

Starting today, employers can set up their own Groworx Home service and have remote sales and support centres up and running in a matter of weeks, complete with the team, contact centre technologies and training to help them serve their customers and specific business needs.

About Groworx

Launched in 2018, Groworx builds and operates modern technology platforms and outsourced customer engagement centres for Australian organisations. Groworx leverages its strong presence in Australia and the Philippines to operate multidisciplinary customer engagement centres across a range of customer sales, support and technology operations as well as general back-office administration. To learn more about Groworx Home, send an email to or visit the Groworx website.
Groworx helps organisations thrive in the modern world using its unique blend of consulting and global outsourcing solutions. We connect the digital and the human in all of our technology and business solutions. We combine advanced technologies with the latest ways of working approaches and offshore teams to cut down costs. Whether it’s co-creating the next digital product sensation, transforming your Customer Experience capability, or wanting to grow your business with our digital marketing solutions, we build, operate and grow businesses that co-create innovation, create customers for life and help scale the truly modern business.

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