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Back Office

Optimise your back office functions to deliver
a great customer experience

The back office plays a pivotal role in understanding customer satisfaction. Most interactions triggered in the back office are early signals and have the potential to impact customer experience outcomes.

Traditional Operations impacting employee productivity

Having a clear view of the operations is critical for innovation. Traditional, walk-around management alone cannot provide insights required to improve business processes. Businesses need to adopt technology-enabled operations to maximise capacity and help employees reach their full productivity potential.

Missing links between processes

Many back-office organisations lack an end-to-end view of their back office operations. Functions work as isolated teams and work with their own set of manual systems or spreadsheets to deliver their functional business requirements. These broken ways of working drive business inefficiencies and are detrimental to customer experience

How we do it

The back office can lead the way to a
great customer experience

Customer Experience Management

  • We provide customised training to back office teams to ensure strong domain understanding which helps in having an end-to-end understanding of the process as against a limited view of the transaction being processed.
  • Our operating models look at back office exceptions with a customer’s lens and finds ways to eliminate or minimise these exceptions.

Innovate and Optimise

  • Our CI teams work alongside operations to transform processes and deploy methodologies that help remove waste activities and duplications, resulting in unnecessary processing delays
  • Leverage the power of AI-powered RPA to automate manual, repetitive, and time-consuming task, resulting in reduced operating cost and improved productivity and CX outcomes

What we do

Back Office Services

·        Transaction processing

·        Dispute investigation & resolution

·        Payment Process

·        Record Maintenance

·        Scheduling & Rostering

·        Record Maintenance

·        Bill Processing & Adjustments

·        Task Completion

·        Data Entry & Administration

Modernise your back office operations to boost customer experience