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Customer Care Services

We’re your partner for every customer moment

·        Inbound Sales and Customer Support

·        Incident Response Teams

·        Order Management

·        Technical Support

·        Complaint handling and resolution

·        Outbound Customer Support

·        Account Management

·        Billing Support

·        Customer Onboarding

·        Scheduling and Rostering

Leverage your new customer care team

  • From as little as five agents, embed high performing operational teams across the entire customer experience lifecycle.
  • Utilise short term overflow capacity to meet temporary spikes in demand
  • Create a robust sales and service experience for product launches
  • Sales and support for after hours and weekends
  • Augment your traditional channels with dedicated LiveChat.

Why people choose Groworx for
Customer Care services

Convert support enquiries into sales

Our blended sales and support teams recognise that sometimes a support enquiry is a sales query in disguise. Trained in all sales methodologies, our team can help drive revenue while creating that next customer ambassador

We take care of it all with BPaaS

We take the hassle from choosing the technology, hiring teams, and defining the processes. So, use our Business Process as a Service (BPaaS service) to have your customer care service running in less than one month.

Scale your new service fast

Within as little as 30 days, Groworx can launch an entire customer care team, complete with Intelligent IVR and chatbots, giving your customers the experience you promise.

Don’t close your doors at 5 pm. Customers need you 24/7.

A recent study shows that 52% of online eCommerce transactions and 20% of critical service calls happen after business hours, so it might pay to be there when they need you.

We source delivery teams to provide an exceptional, affordable experience.

We recognise the need to align customer enquiries to skills, which helps to ensure the best possible experience to customers at the best possible cost structure. Our offerings leverage talented teams onshore in Australia and the Philippines.

You take over when it makes sense.

Let Groworx help you design, build and run your next customer operations, and when you’re ready, we can transfer the operations back to you.

Unparalleled flexibility with no lock-in contracts

Groworx believes in earning your trust and business. So you can embed one of our highly trained global teams in as little as three months. This provides the flexibility to meet short term spikes in demand or that next product launch.

Dedicated LiveChat

Are you looking for a channel to augment your traditional voice and email channels? We’ll create a trained Livechat customer sales and operations team across all social media and Web Chat channels. We will also develop a new Smart IVR and chatbot to create that perfect experience. So whether it’s Facebook, WhatsApp or Twitter, you can be where your customers are.

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