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CX Integration Services

Real-time service
needs real-time data

Business and technology owners can provide real-time service and great experiences to their customers and employees while dramatically reducing the cost to serve.

Integration challenges for the
digital-dominant economy

If you want to make a change then connect your customer engagement systems with your operational systems in a real-time and cost-effective way.

Businesses need to overcome:

  • Legacy point-to-point solutions that are becoming costly to maintain, increase operational and security risks, restricting IT leadership’s time and ability to support business growth
  • Businesses continue to have limited automation and the processes are still heavily dependent on people’s knowledge and manual intervention
  • The systems providing the core service and customer interaction technologies are disconnected and are built on both legacy and modern cloud based technologies increasing complexity and cost to maintain
  • Older ESB are expensive to maintain and don’t provide the agility required to innovate for optimal customer experience
  • Duplicate and bad data across systems causing conflicting views and inaccurate information to serve customer, leading to multiple data improvement programs
  • The move to digital and personalized experience is becoming key to acquisition and retention by providing a proactive customer management experience which is not possible within a disconnected architecture and technology landscape
  • The customer interactions are not catered to their individual requirements as the providers and customer relationship managers have a limited understanding of their needs due to poor data quality is disparate systems

Benefits of the right integration are amplified throughout the organisation

It’s not just IT teams that benefit from a premium integration approach to service their customers, business leaders stand the most to gain from adopting modern integration principles and capabilities.
  • Improves business agility by separating the legacy systems from a new integration services layer
  • Deploy new business services faster. New systems and functions can be rapidly deployed in a more secure environment
  • Creates real-time experiences that your customers need by integrating your data flow across the company, working seamlessly together
  • Creates new services and respond to market shifts by having access to reliable sources of truth
  • Reduces the cost to serve by reducing the manual intervention and rework by your team, allowing them to focus on serving, fast.
  • Improves the conversion rate to sell to new customers by providing real-time, relevant and personalised information
  • Reduces the risk of losing data and system downtime that is common with older, point to point connections
  • Reduces the IT cost to manage older integration systems.
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To achieve these benefits, organisations need an enterprise-wide approach to integration

The Groworx approach

Our integration team do more than simply connect individual software systems that create inefficient and costly point connections.

We think about the enterprise as a platform that has a ton of value to be unlocked, ready to be consumed by internal and external users. We recognise your business has a range of services and data that should be exposed as services ready to be consumed in a self-serve and repeatable way, without the need to integrate every time.

We separate the legacy systems from the consumption of these services with a modern integration API powered platform.

Our collective goal is ultimately to connect the customer experience technologies in the contact centre with your core systems. This includes agent desktops, the unified communications platform and CRM, to all provide a seamless, single view of your customer during their interaction with your team and their customers.

We connect your team to the world

Organisation with Traditional Enterprise Integration

Organisation with Cloud based Integration Platform Services

  • Automated omnichannel routing based on customer interaction needs and preferences
  • Quickly contact customers through outbound calling using outbound call API
  • Self-service automation using Amazon Connect Tools
  • Call control and call management APIs to place a call, hold and transfer calls and other call functions
  • Transcribe call interaction leveraging Amazon Transcribe
  • Real-time sentiment analysis leveraging Groworx’s Contact Centre Intelligence
  • Using AWS Lambda functions connecting to CRMs to manage CRM cases and contacts