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Build & Operate
Contact Centres

Transforming Customer Experiences and Contact Centre performance through intelligent technologies

Contact Centre owners can create an easy-to-use cloud-based contact centre and provide a seamless omnichannel experience for customers and employees, fast.
  • Intelligent IVR and Chatbots

  • Smart Messaging solutions

  • Custom Alexa experiences integrated into the Amazon Echo range

  • Contact Centre as a Service (CCaS)

  • Integrated Telephony and CTI

  • Assisted and Digital Agent Desktops

  • Fully integrated experiences

Why do you need a Cognitive Contact Centre?

Customer experiences need to change rapidly to meet the dynamic needs of customers, operations, and business teams. The technology needs to be an enabler, affordable, fast, expandable, flexible, smart. Most customer engagement platforms are the exact opposite which is why many companies are unable to benefit from modern capabilities.

What is a Cognitive Contact Centre?

Modern contact centres use the same intelligence as human beings to make real-time decisions based on customer sentiments and knowledge of common problems based on their segment and prior interactions.

The Groworx Advantage for you

Contact Centre strategy, design and even ongoing management are delivered in alignment with your corporate strategy and customer experience targets by focusing on innovation and delivering benefits fast.

The smartest technology by the worlds leading cloud provider

We leverage vast capabilities from partners like the world-leading AWS to ensure you are always on the cutting edge of innovation that is designed to help you rapidly adapt to current and future demands.

Modern Integration unlocks the power of your legacy systems

We connect more than the Contact Centre smarts. Our Integration team integrate your systems, create usable data capability so you can move from simple or dumb experiences to the promise of the intelligent Contact Centre.

Anchored to your customer journey

Contact centre strategy and design is anchored to your customer journey and tailored to personalized and enhanced customer interactions.

Good Intelligence needs good data

Nurture a data-first culture to ensure the fuel for the modern enterprise flows through your systems and experiences.

Create the perfect conversation

It’s more than understanding the technology. Our people understand the importance of Conversational UI and help you create workflows and experiences that are natural and fulfilling with the goal of providing answers, not information, and solve problems, not simply log calls.

Dream Today, Build Today

Our philosophy is to reduce the time to value. No more POCs that don’t go anywhere. We build Production Pilots that work with your business, IT and security strategies to ensure we deliver real and tangible value, even if it is small to start. Once we jointly deliver the early value, we then scale the solution as required.

Aligned and pre-defined processes and workflows

Alignment, mapping and even optimisation of the customer workflow. Our Lean Six Sigma team can even analyse existing workflows and experiences to advise on a new way of delighting your customers. Leverage our Accelerators of pre-defined processes and Conversations to move even faster.

Expert teams to save you time

Built from the ground up for a modern world, Groworx teams are experts in AWS and other contact centre technologies. We save you from making mistakes and get it right. Our job is to help you think to ask the questions you haven’t thought about.

Think, Build, Learn

Our Agile teams help you identify (Think) the use cases that matter to your business, without introducing risk. That way in days and weeks we build a full production solution (Build) so you can demonstrate meaningful business value.


Our Sprint cycles are always building backlogs with the business teams and making incremental changes based on customer and internal feedback (Learn).

Save money with global delivery

Our teams are trained in our unique Global Ways of Working (GWOW) model. Being global ensures you save 40% on average on building and running that dream solution.

How does it work?

We work fast to have you up and running quickly. From our initial discovery call, we will ascertain your goals, challenges, opportunities as you see them and based on your feedback we arrange for a detailed discovery and planning consultation.