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How can technology help contact centres with empathy?

Make technology your services friend to display heightened care and simplicity in service.

Customer service is no longer the same. While having good conversations with customers is essential and will always exist, providing an overall journey experience has become the differentiator.

Excellent customer experience starts with proactively managing customer needs, and if the need for servicing arises, it is about building strong customer connections through empathetic servicing.

Empathy in contact centres goes beyond conversations:

It starts with appreciating the customer’s time and providing a great experience at the initial IVR through self-help enablement and getting the right servicing agent to the customer without long wait times.

When you show empathy by acknowledging the customer’s emotional state, they can relax more, and positive energy replaces any anxiety, bringing along efficient call outcomes.

Servicing right the first time helps reduce customer effort and builds immense trust, resulting in higher loyalty and advocacy.

Empathy in customer service is paramount as it can increase customer satisfaction, even after a negative experience.

“The true essence of servicing comes from genuine empathy. Empathy is the pathway for creating lasting experiences."