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Operational Transformation

CX and operational leaders can grow their organisations performance with the Groworx Advisory teams and COE accelerators

As organisations grow to meet demand, it’s essential to rethink current processes, operating models, and technology capabilities. When harnessed within a COE framework it can deliver breakthrough customer value and ensure highly flexible and scalable operations while reducing the cost to operate.

  • Enable and augment your team with our expertise in building and running global Contact Centres
  • Our CX in Action turns your strategy into workable initiative
  • Drive a performance culture with process optimisation using data-driven approaches like COPC and Lean Six Sigma
  • Conduct an Operating Model Refresh to ensure that teams are working together to deliver efficient experiences for your employees and customers.
  • Improve agent productivity with our workforce planning and optimisation programs
  • Understand insights with our Analytics solutions
  • Experience our integrated Technology design and build teams

Why should you transform
your Contact Centre?

Create customers for life

Customers can change loyalties with the click of an icon. Creating positive experiences throughout the customer journey in each channel is critical to sustainable success.

Embrace technology to drive economies of scale

Processes and workforce changes can be augmented with technology, big or small. Our business and technology teams work with you to ensure innovative solutions are front of mind.

Build customer-centric processess to increase service value

Inefficient workflows can cause rework, driving costs high,and invariably resulting in low levels of customer and employee satisfaction.

A robust operating model is the foundation of a high-performing team

Structure the organisation to enable a one-team and one-goal mindset with clearly defined roles and responsibilities, coupled with agent ownership.

Manager your customers to avoid being managed by them

To predict and proactively manage customer needs has been the focal point for most organisations as they drive for a great customer experience

Reduce cost to serve

Your customers need value for money, and we can help your business make significant savings.

How Groworx is changing the game

Our mission is to improve lives through the organisations that serve them. We help organisations be the best version of themselves by providing support from our Customer Experience and Contact Centre Consultants.

Think. Build. Learn

Whether it’s removing process wastage, improving agent performance, or streamlining the operating model, we rapidly define a Backlog (Program plan) and break it down into Sprints (small initiatives usually in 2-3 weeks), that deliver demonstrable value fast.

Fast Time to Value

The team works with you to align sprints with our COE framework that defines what good looks like for you. That way you are evolving as an organisation, experimenting and learning in a live context that reinforces the discipline of agility and fast Time to Value.The changes we can help you make in the Contact Centre deliver tangible cost savings, not only in the short term but we measure the unit cost to serve over time so you know how much it will cost you as you scale your business.

Do it together, or outsource, it’s your choice

Sometimes you don’t have the capability or capacity inside your organisation, which is where our Global Sourcing services can support your goals. Whether it’s an after-hours Sales and Care service or building additional capacity for your Back-Office Rostering team, our teams in Australia and the Philippines are there to help you. Our highly trained teams are certified and work with our industry veterans and a range of approaches to give measurable insight into what is working and what needs work. Find out How

Fast-track your operational
transformation with us