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Technology Services

Do it right, do it once,
and do it today.

We build solutions that are designed
for the way you work.

In just days and weeks, business and IT leaders can now create advanced customer and employee experiences while saving costs.

Groworx will build solutions that are designed for the way you work and offer a full range of Contact Centre Technologies.

  • Build Digital software and solutions
  • Integrated Telephony solutions
  • Smart IVR and Chatbots
  • Implement an Omnichannel Service Desk
  • Contact Centre Intelligence and Analytics
  • Workforce Optimisation solutions
  • Knowledge Management & Enterprise Search
  • Modern Integration& API platform capabilities

Let people serve themselves with AI IVR and Chatbots

Enable self-service using integrated, speech-enabled IVR and Chatbot solutions that deliver efficiency leveraging the same workflow. Combine this with other Intelligent Automation technologies to ensure your entire organisation can deliver an amazing experience.

Create Digital solutions to solve challenges fast

Using agile approaches and serverless, cloud-native technologies, we build fit for purpose digital solutions to augment or replace your existing systems, so you only pay for what you need today. Learn how we design and build digital solutions

Unify the agent experience with a modern, omnichannel service desk

Let us help you implement a modern Service Desk solution that unifies and automates the agent and customer service experience.

Workforce optimisation to drive a happy and performing workforce

Design and operate workforce management and optimisation solutions that gamify the experience, remove the tedium and create a transparent one-team culture.

Become a platform business with modern Integration capability

Our integration team advises and integrates your current systems, regardless of age, into the modern connected workplace. Learn how we build modern integration capability for you

Don’t wait to be told by your customers

Build real-time customer recommendation and response engines that surprise your customers with real-time service, whether done by themselves or by one of your agents.

Give your people knowledge so they can serve fast without frustration

Leverage Adaptive Knowledge Management for a happy employee and a delighted customer. Also, reduce service times by up to 20% from service times. Learn more about Knowledge Management and Enterprise Search

Predictive analytics are in and surveys are out. Provide real-time escalation and resolution to avoid disappointment

Don’t wait for your customer to tell you they’re unhappy. You can tell from the tone of the customer’s voice or the space between words that they’re unhappy, you can escalate and resolve during the call without the client even asking. We help you create the historical and real-time predictive sentiment and analytics capabilities. Learn how to build predictive analytics to serve customers

We are in a Do-it-Yourself,
Do-It-Now economy

Contact Centres typically use outdated monolithic technologies and inefficient processes to manage their employee and customer operations. Your ability to deliver value fast is hampered by legacy. This creates a high cost to operate, poor customer and employee experiences, and reduced ability to adapt and scale.
How technology is limiting your ability to serve the modern customer

“Businesses can’t afford to spend months building expensive monolithic solutions for their business. They have opportunities they want to test and scale today.”

Samit Chandra

Director and Head of Technology,

How to Get Started

Whether your a small business starting out or a global multinational, the Groworx specialist CX and AWS consulting team are on standby to be your Builder Buddy and have your new contact centre up and running by the end of the day.

Groworx can help you do it right, do it once, and do it today.